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Gardena hanging basket spray lance

Has anyone recently bought a Gardena hanging basket spray lance, the one with a flexible head? 

I recently had to replace mine, foolishly having left it out all winter in the heavy frosts, and decided to upgrade to the ultra lance. Well that was a mistake. Whereas my old hanging basket lance filled a watering can in a zippy 40”, the ultra model takes 4’ 30” to complete this task.

I would like to know if there has been a redesign and the flexible head model is also just as slow or if it still operates with gusto.

The alternative is the Hozelock model as this has a ‘fast fill’ option but there are so many reports of a design weakness with Hozelock and the connector shearing I would prefer to stay with Gardena. Or are there other lances you can recommend that don’t hang around when it comes to filling watering cans. Thanks.
Rutland, England
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