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Helianthemum - okay to prune now?

Looking straggly.

Helianthemum wisley yellow and other old pink and red ones don't know name of.

If prune now, will or won't they have any flowers this year?

Thanks for any opinions.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,404
    If it's just a few straggly bits you want to trim off, then it should be fine to do it now. Anything more I would leave it.
    Mine look awful right now. For the first time I can remember, since they were planted many (many!) years ago, they have been badly hit by the frosts and I am waiting to see how well/if they are going to recover. The sage that shares their south-facing wall looks even worse, but I know that will withstand a hard cut back, which it needed anyway.
    I am waiting for more promising weather before doing that. The days have been lovely but the nights have been cold and everything is dry. Bring on the April showers - but nothing promised for the next week!
  • Thanks Buttercupdays. Ideally mine need cutting back hard so I think I'll leave them till after flowering. Like yours, mine have also been hit by the frost though the wisley yellow is okay.
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