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Bonemeal as soil improver?


I bought some heavily discounted bonemeal last year with the intention of using it to improve my soil. This is what it said on the package.

I have compacted clay soil. I’ve recently added a lot of organic compost (bagged) and some composted manure (bagged) and dug over the whole garden. Should I dig in bonemeal too? I’m now sceptical of its necessity. It seems unnecessary given the compost and manure I’ve added? 


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,929
    Bonemeal does not improve the soil, but it does feed plants. The 2 things are very different.
    It might be worth adding a sprinkle around the roots of new plants, when you plant them.
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  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 937
    If you’re after improving compacted clay soil, then what you’ve done with adding manure and organic compost plus digging over should be enough. Every year, keep adding more organic matter. It can take a while for the worms to get the memo, but they will.

    You can use the bonemeal to fertilise plants — incorporate a small amount into the planting hole for new plants, or fork it in around the base of established plants around about now. Thoroughly mix it in soil as otherwise it will clump up and attract animals that may dig up your borders. I don’t think it will be in danger of expiring if you don’t use up the whole bag.
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  • Ok thank you both. I’ve dug out all plants to dig over the soil so I’ll add the bonemeal in the planting hole when I replant this week...

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