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IPX4 water pump rainproof?

Can I leave my Trotec TGP 100 ES water pump out under the rain?
I'm not thinking about the metal, plastic, or mechanics, I take this are safe of course. I'm rather thinking about the electric.
A label on it says IPX4, I'm not an electrician but I understand this should protect it sufficiently from the rain.
By the way the pump is great, bought it to run the irrigation for the veg in the raised bed, from the rainwater huge tanks. Works the way one would expect.


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    From Google.

    People also ask

    Is IPX4 good for rain?
    With a rating of IPX4 (the 4th digit being for moisture protection), an enclosure can only withstand splashes of water. That offers a little protection but is nowhere near fully waterproof.

    Think you need to make a cover 
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