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Dahlia Tubers

Kitty52Kitty52 Posts: 121
 I planted tubers in pots about a month ago which have been kept in the greenhouse.  I've read different theories about not watering at all and others which say keep them moist.  I have one very tiny green bit on one which doesn't seem to be getting any bigger and the other two have absolutely nothing.  Should I take them out the pot to see if there's any sign of growth at the bottom and if so what should I see? and water or not water?  I also have one in a large container which I  kept in the greenhouse over winter.  No sign of life there either.  Any help greatly appreciated thanks.


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,299
    Leave them it's been pretty cold,in a lot of areas,or do what I do with the ones that haven't sprouted, cover them exclude light completely for 10 days then have s peek,no growth,cover them back up, the old man potted on up ours this year, not using this method and only 1 is sprouted.  We both plant in slightly damp compost that has been warmed up in the green house,and don't water again till they are planted out
  • ZenjeffZenjeff Newcastle Upon Tyne Posts: 641
    It’s been very cold winter here in the north east ,first time I have left Dahlias outside all winter in pots wrapped in bubble wrap a fleece over top and than a large plant pot on top of pot all are now showing.
  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,714
    Tipping them out or poking around under the compost could damage any eyes that might be just starting to sprout under the surface, so don't do that. I have only one teeny bit of green showing on 10 new ones (in pots in the shed - light but probably only just frost-free, I might try the dark method) and I don't expect to see the ones that I leave in the ground until May, even in a mild wet spring which this one hasn't been.
  • Kitty52Kitty52 Posts: 121
    Thanks all. I’ll try covering and not disturb them and no water.  Would they be better in a shed with a window that greenhouse where temp will fluctuate more? 
  • Kitty52Kitty52 Posts: 121
    Nanny Beach I tried your idea of covering dahlias and keeping them dark and giving them no water.  One is now sprouting but nothing from the others. I have taken the sprouting one out now into the greenhouse. Not sure if that's what I should do. I noticed on Gardners World last night Monty spoke about putting some of his on a warm windowsill and giving them lots of water!!! and they came on well.  Think I'll leave my other two in the dark for a while and see what happens.  
  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,714
     Kitty52 said:
    ... I noticed on Gardners World last night Monty spoke about putting some of his on a warm windowsill and giving them lots of water!!! and they came on well.  ...
    I think those were the ones that he was forcing to get cutting material. If you don't want to do that it's probably better to let them grow slow and steady. The greenhouse should be fine if it's frost-free. Close it up at night and maybe cover the dahlias (horticultural fleece or something like sheets of newspaper) if it's forecast really cold overnight. And watch out for slugs and snails, they love young dahlia shoots.

  • Kitty52Kitty52 Posts: 121
    Thanks Jenny will do that.  Keep hoping the others will poke through, patience patience.........
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