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Pond plants - basket sizes?

Hello folks,

Does anyone have a guide as to what size aquatic baskets are suitable for common pond plants please? I've got lots of information on planting depths and some of the rules of thumb about rafting plants in shallower baskets and emergent plants in taller baskets but I wondered if there is any guidance as to the size of the basket that certain plants like, e.g. whether they enjoy being constrained or not? If not, is it a case of a bigger basket for a bigger plant?

I'm just working out an order for the new pond and have to buy homes for mint, forget me nots, marsh marigolds, irises, club rush, pickerel weed, sedges and a few other bits and pieces.

Many thanks, 



  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,643
    Not only depends on the size/depth of your pond but also at what size you purchase the various plants - like anything else which grows, you will need to allow for the eventual  height and spread.
    Check out the needs and conditions for the plants on your list - some you mention are "spreaders" whilst some will want depth to reach their appropriate height. 
    Just be aware that the plants you mention are fairly quick growing when happy so you may like to be careful how many you place in your pond :)  
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