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We think a red fox was living in front garden.

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We folks in Texas saw our nighttime temps fall as low as 2ºF (-17ºC) during our recent Snowpocalypse in February.  During that 3-5 days of snow and ice blanketing Central Texas, we saw a red fox sauntering down our front garden path 3 different nights, back and forth, like he was out looking for dinner.  He jaunted just like he owned the place.  He would pass right under the window in front of my tele-viewing chair, so pretty hard NOT to see him move about. 

Well, after the many plants that died off over the following weeks, we completely cut down our browned over Aspidistra elatior clumps at the base of all the large trees so they might rejuvenate with all new growth come springtime.  Low and behold, under where the aspidistra leaves covered the ground at the base of 5 trees, we found two large holes about 1½-2' deep, 10-12" around, so much too large to be armadillo or opossum holes.  We looked at each other and said our little fox visitor must have dug these holes to survive the frigid temps. 

Fox are commonly seen in the countryside in Texas, but are quite a rare sighting in the cities.   We spot them fairly frequently down at our rural country cabin property an hour away, but have only seen a grey fox one time in the city in 20+ years.  We were stunned to think we not only spotted a red fox, in the city, and saw him THREE evenings in a row but that he was "camping out" in his little hidey-hole right in our garden!  He only came out after dark (he stood out very visibly  against our 5" snow and ice coating our sidewalk, also a rarity in Texas), so we didn't get any photos.   
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    In Britain foxes have moved into towns in a big way. They eat rubbish that is left around and some people feed them. They become very tame. In the country they remain shy but they do make homes under garden sheds and suchlike. I feel yours deserved a break after that terrible weather.  They are beautiful  animals.
  • PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 556
    Yes, they are in deed beautiful.  I truly feel honored he came to visit us, even if only for a few miserably cold days.  :)
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