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Castor oil seeds germinated -now what?

Hi all, I planted my castor oil seeds 5 days ago. 6 in total into pots on a heated mat and clear food bags over the top. Now 3 have germinated already (yippee)but not in leaf as yet ! Now do I remove them from the heat mat and take the bags off or keep them on the mat with or without bags?


  • JAC51JAC51 Posts: 172
    Hi assume you mean Recinus communis. I love that plant too and find most seeds germinate.  I have 6 on the go at the moment. Now that they have germinated and have their seed leaves it’s safe to take the bag of them. Mine aren’t on a heat pad but indoors in a sunny porch. I’ll start hardening them off once it warms up and transfer them to a zip up greenhouse thingy outside before planting outside end of May.  Good luck with yours
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