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Nicotiana alata not germinating

borismrdjaborismrdja Belgrade, Serbia (44°49′N 20°28′E)Posts: 35
edited April 2021 in Plants
Do i have old seed? Or am I missing something?
1. I tried sowing in tray barely covering the seeds. After 3 weeks there are just 3 small seedlings (and they had germinated after 10 days and since then none )(seed/cuttings mix)
2. I trided plugs not covering the seed at all(compost+perlite). after 2 weeks nothing...

In both cases they where under hood at 20-22C and under CFL lights for at least 16h/day. Lights are not to close(200-300umol) but every thing else had germinated superbly in those condition...

I still havent tried for the third time

Should i try "forcing" them with light as close as i can get it for 20h day
Somewhere i found info that they need at least 12h direct light to germinate

Or throw away this seed package

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