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Pieras mountain flame

hi I would like some advice on my pieras. We inherited it from my mum and it was in a pot. The pot was bulging so we replanted in ecicacius compost in a sunny area but it looks a bit sad. Leaves are drooping and the red has dried out some also flowers have dropped . Im so sad please help 😢


  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Hi - I think moving it from a pot was a good idea. However, it will need lots of watering in, especially if it was pot-bound - we've had virtually no rain at all, so make sure you give it a really good soak once or twice a week (rather than a small amount of water on the surface). Also, we've had terrible late frosts - I think that may well have damaged the new red foliage. I know on mine, about 30% of the new young shoots have gone brown from the frost. Probably damaged the flowers as well.

    Hopefully it will settle down in its new spot - give it some feed for acid plants, and keep an eye on the watering. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much, will water it in well and keep an eye in it. Its a lovely well established plant would be such a shame if it died 😢
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