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Good ground cover

I appreciate nothing is going to stand up to excessive trampling by dogs, but I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good ground cover plant for my borders that can hopefully live alongside my Collie. Preferably evergreen.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,560
    Two dogs here and one next door so there is one bed that gets a lot of trampling as they run up and down wagging and barking at each other.   The only plants that stand up to the wear and tear in there have proved to be variegated ivy and hardy geranium macrorhizum plus snowdrops in winter.

    I did initially have many more plants in there and a wire fence loosely placed around for protection but the bed has proved to be too dry for many to cope and I have been moving plants to new homes.  I will end up moving the geranium and snowdrops and planting more variegated ivy.
    You might want to consider training him or her not to bounce all over your borders.   My pair do get warned off other beds and are generally good about it but can't resist playing with the neighbour in this one area and that's OK by me. 
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