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Achillea and other stuff!

Had some help a couple of weeks back ,our young grandson has begun taking an interest in the garden. 
Thought we could weed the borders together????? All was going well  I showed him which plants to leave in   the section where I grow small plants like primroses. He copied me removing shepherds purse , groundsel and as I explained take everything out except the primroses.
Things were going well until I had to deal with a phone call which took me back to the house. Half hour later he proudly came in for tea  telling me ". I've done some more for you grandma!!!!"
 a while later after the weeks of wet and cold weather
walking round garden I came across the other weeding which   had been a joint effort, somehow my Achilea  and Heauchera bed was clear, looked next and tidy a bit too much.......
I then recalled grandson proud face of
 "I've done some more for you grandma".........

How can I moan at him ?
he'd done what I said .......taken out everything else ..... except the primrose plants.!!!!

  But he had helped me and used his initiative  and moved up the border a bit!!

 So next lesson will have to  be   seed sowing of Heauchera and achilea.

This is why id queeried in my other thread ,

Direct where they are to flower  a few days ago ?!!!!!!!

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