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I have built a planter, triangular in shape 2ft x 2ft x 3ft with trellis 2m high on two of the sides.  What I am looking for is an evergreen cliber that will grow dense enough for nesting birds. I am not particularly bothered about what it may look like, the primary function is to serve wildlife.

I am VERY new to gradening and only just finding my feet so any advise at all would be most welcome.

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    Hi Paul. Not too sure how readily birds will nest in a planter but if it's suitable and in a sheltered spot I don't see why not! You could try straightforward Ivies- easy to obtain from GCs, nurseries and DIY stores. There are plenty to choose from but some of the small leaved ones are better for ground cover or small containers as they don't grow very big.There are evergreen honeysuckles as well such as Lonicera Henryi but anything in containers needs a little more input in the way of nutrition and water than when planted in the ground so you'll have to make sure you can give them that. Drainage is important too so make sure you have holes in the bottom for excess water to get away. Another plant you may want to try is Pyracantha which is a shrub rather than a climber but can be used as one. They're prickly but have small flowers in the early summer which attract bees and hoverflies followed by berries in the autumn which birds will love. That might be useful to get the birds coming in to begin with. They have different colours of berry - red, orange or yellow- flowers are all the same - creamy white. Easy to obtain anywhere. All these will do well in most positions- a little shade will suit all of them rather than full sun.  

    Hope that gives you a start anyway. image

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    Thank you for your replies. I like the idea of pyracantha as the prickles will deter predators should a bird decide to nest. My target species are the likes of thrushes or maybe a robin or hedge sparrow. I'm hoping I can hide a nest box within the plant. Not sure if it will work or not with the berrys as this may cause squabbles between the nested birds and birds after a quick meal. I will have a read up on ivy and pyracantha. Once again, thank you for your replies!

  • The broad leafed ivy which has yellow flowers in the spring is great for nesting birds -

    I've had lots of robins and blackbirds nesting in it in my garden.  Also after  

    the flowers there are little green berries, which then turn black.  The blackbirds,

    thrushes and robins love these berries and they keep them going most of the winter

    months.  I don't know the name of this ivy, but if you like Paul I'll take a photo

    of it so you can see what I'm talking about.

    p.s.  Red Admiral butterflies love the flowers too!


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