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Plant ID X2

NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
Two shrubs, one with very even growth on the branches with sub branches coming off the main one alternatively in a regular fan. Very small roundish leaves with a slight point. The second, shrub has small round leaves slightly glossy I think. Roundish shape. The first is more about branches kind of growing out irregularly.

The first Bush has kind of grown into and through the second. I'll probably get rid of the first shrub. It's the smaller one but I think it's something that has masses of red berries later on in the year. Shame it's growing where it is as I'll have to remove the second one as it's not big and is kind of cutting through the second.

Can anyone make an educated guess what they both are? Before i remove them I'd rather know what they are and whether anything can be done to separate them.

BTW we're new in this house and the old guy who was a keen gardener has left a few areas with shrubs growing into each other. It means one has to go.


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,384
    Would it be possible to send us a photo or two? It's almost impossible to guess.

    However, I'll guess that the one with red berries might be a cotoneaster.
    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
    Cotoneaster that's the one for sure. I used to know these things, lived on watching gardening programmes especially BBC gardener's world as a kid. That name rings a bell and i was close to guessing it myself.

    The other one looks like the box for leaf shape but smaller leaf. Probably is s box wood?
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 10,490
    It might be a Lonicera nitida, a box look alike with smaller leaves I believe.
    (sorry about italics, I can't turn it off).
  • NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
    Wait and see if it flowers.

    Anyway, there's now only one shrub. The cotoneaster has been chopped down. It was simply too far gone to be saved. It's not a young plant. Some of the cotoneaster branches are two inches diameter. Very convoluted. One branch grew 3" one way, 5" practically back on itself and then 3" back again before growing out a different way. It had been growing from alongside the box type plant but seemed to be tilted over like it was planted pointing towards the box type plant. It then grew into and through the box type shrub. Parts growing out of three sides of the box and out the top. It's left the box slightly open on one half. I'm wondering whether to tie the straggly side together a bit or leave it to fill in itself.

    I don't like cutting down healthy shrubs but even if I could relocate it I doubt it would ever look good. There was another location with three shrubs growing into each other. One low down we cut down to the ground because it overhung the path to the greenhouse. We're wondering about the others.

    My advice to gardeners is make sure you know how big shrubs grow before planting next to each other.
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