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What to do with these confiners?

Dear gardeners, please help me with these confiners - i bought a selection, really liked the look of them but not too sure where/ how to plant them. How fast will they grow? Should i plant them in pots or in soil? Where will they look nice and grow well? what compost / manure do they need? 


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
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    Werent they labelled? 
    This is a lesson in not buying unknown plants because if they are leylandi they will grow very fast not only up but out,  so where were you thinking of planting them?
    If they are a dwarf variety pots would be ok for a while.
    No idea where they would look nice as I haven't any idea what your garden looks like!
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,009
    I once bought some dwarf, fluffy golden conifers for window boxes for a winter windowsill display.  The following spring I planted them out and they grew 6'/2m in one season.  Fortunately a serious frost killed them the next winter.

    Yours will likely grow very quickly if planted out.   They could, if planted as individuals, be trimmed and shaped to make feature plants or allowed to show off their individual form and colour in a mixed grouping with lower growing perennials and heathers.   

    You need to do a bit of research on conifer identification to establish their growth rate and style and also research "pinetum" to see how people grow collections of conifers to make the most of them.
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