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Bleeding Heart Worries - Not flourishing

Hi all, I have got a bleeding heart in one of my borders but it doesn't seem to do very well so I am thinking of moving it. It has been there 3 years or so, comes back each year and flowers but is really quite small, maybe only getting to 10 inches if that? Its in-between a rosemary and a dierama but it isn't overshadowed by either of them...

When would be the best time to move it do you think, and what is the best sort of soil for it, or would a pot be best? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) 
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  • shane.farrellshane.farrell Posts: 207
    edited April 2021
    They prefer shadier spots so could that be a reason? If yours is just emerging  you could move it now. Try to keep as big a chunk of soil with it as possible and water well for a while until established. They are pretty tough and if some root breaks off it will probably form a new plant.
    They like moist rich soil but well drained in shade or partial shade. If you get three out of four it should be happy.
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