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Sorbaria sem

SnowberrySnowberry Posts: 8
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I've just bought a Sorbaria sem, and now read that they are invasive. Can anyone give me an idea of how quickly they spread, please? I'm undecided as to whether to plant in the ground or leave in a pot. What one person sees as invasive, another may see as normal spreading, so I'm not sure how bad this plant is for invading! Thanks.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,875
    I was watching Jon Lord's spring pruning video on YouTube a few days ago and on there he's pulling out bits of sorbaria. It's quite a long video but I think the sorbaria was fairly near the beginning, and if you look at around 3.30 minutes in, you can see sorbaria coming up around a bamboo that he's pruning.
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  • Oh, thanks JennyJ! I'll take a look,-sounds as if that'll give me some idea.
  • I found it popped up in the border more than a metre away in year one and then started spreading quite rapidly. We've dug it out but I've noticed new plants coming up. This is fine if you don't mind it dominating a border once it gets established, but if it gets into the roots of other plants it will be tricky to dig out. Maybe go for the pot option?
  • Thanks, Rachel. After watching the video JennyJ suggested and hearing you say this, I think a pot sounds the best option. Not really wanting to create problems. Really appreciate the advice from both of you!
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