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Rowan Tree Root Removal

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I'm doing a small-scale landscape project in my garden which is involving a leveling of soil in proximity to a well established Rowan tree of indeterminate age (8 -10m tall, 30" diameter) There is 1 issue though, 80" from the base of my tree (where I am levelling the soil) is a surface root 3" in diameter which I need to prune so that I can achieve a level soil where I shall be placing slabs. I've heard that Rowan trees are quite hardy, would I be quite alright to prune this root without damaging the tree? I've read that you can safely prune a trees roots a distance 3-5 times that of the tree pruning requirement would fall just short of this.

Would anyone have any thoughts on this matter, a single root pruned from a well established tree?

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