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Dicentra - snow damage

Nana PatNana Pat Posts: 26
Last night there was very heavy snowfall overnight in East Lancs and I found my three Dicentra plants in a very sorry state this morning. Previously they had been growing well, were about 18" tall and full of flower buds. I had supported the plants with circular metal perennial supports but the weight of the snow had bent most of the stems over the tops of the supports. I accept that I will have to cut off all the damaged stems and sadly lose all the promising buds but I wondered if anyone could advise me whether the plants might still flower, albeit later in the season? 


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    Unlikely, I'm afraid. It's really disappointing when this happens. It will be ok next year.
  • RuthmshawRuthmshaw Posts: 45
    Last year my Dicentra got badly frosted and so I cut them back almost to the ground. They bounced back and were in flower by June.
  • Nana PatNana Pat Posts: 26
    Posy and Ruthmshaw - many thanks for your replies. My poor Dicentra look even worse this morning after a sharp overnight frost. I'll cut off all the damaged stems close to the ground and hope for the best! 
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