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Feed for Leylandii hedge

I planted some Leylandii hedges 18 months ago (November 2019).  I'm not sure what size they were when I planted them but they are (on average) about 100cm now - and do seem to be doing well, although they are all growing at different rates.
I'm trying to get them to grow as quickly as possible and wondered if anyone could recommend a suitable feed for them, and also how often they should be fed?
I've also been watering them daily for the past month and wondered if this is the right thing to do?
Finally, how often should I trim them and how much of them do I trim?


  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,177
    edited April 2021
    Our hedge planted many decades ago was never given any feed and it grow as we wanted.
    Trimming the hedge depends on the height and width you want.
    If you let it grow too tall then cutting back will cause issues.
    We also didn't water it just left to get on with it but then this was so long ago.
    Ours is a good size hedge that is trimmed back once a year to head height. We only grew it because we needed a hedge for a wind break that was quick.
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