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Planting a Giant Himalayan Lily

Having recently moved, I wanted to plant a Giant Himalayan Lily in our new garden but am confused as to whether it would be dangerous for cats. We do not have one ourselves but the next door's cat is a frequent visitor despite our best efforts to deter it (we have a lot of nesting birds at the moment).
The Giant Himalayan Lily is labelled as a Cardiocrinum Giganteum rather than as a Lilium. Does this mean that it is not part of the lily family and is therefore safe?
Any responses would be gratefully received.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    Cardiocrinum giganteum is synonymous with Lilium giganteum ; one of the larger members of the Liliaceae family .
    I understand that Lily pollen can be moderately detrimental to our feline friends (or fiends) , depending on your point of view , but only if large quantities are ingested .
    Planted in humus rich moisture retentive soil and in dappled shade , your plant should eventually attain between 6' and 8' in height .
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