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Propagating honeysuckle by layering

kedisimpsonkedisimpson Oxfordshire Posts: 6
Hello, new here!
I layered some honeysuckle last autumn by filling a couple of window boxes with soil and just weighing some of the runners down into the soil with some stones. I did this because the honeysuckle is on our party fence with next door and the fence is going to be replaced very soon and I didn't want no more lovely honeysuckle!
Anyway, it's rooted fairly well so I cut it from the main plant the other day, weeded the windowboxes which were all rosebay willow herb and and dandelion and now I have two lovely windowboxes of baby honeysuckle!
My question is: what now? I thought I'd let them get bigger in the containers then, gingerly take them out in the hope of being able to split each box into three of four plants, but I'd welcome some advice.
The neighbour is doing a massive building project and also is totally not a gardener, so he's not going to be ready to replant on his side of the fence until the autumn or even this time next year. 
I don't know the variety but it smells amazing in late summer and has little creamy yellow flowers.
Thanks all. 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391
    It sounds like Lonicera japonica "Halliana".  I think it will be fine for up to a couple of years in the temporary window boxes if necessary, as long as you keep up with the watering, and cut it back if it gets too rampant.  When it comes time to plant in the ground, I would dig-in some organic matter to the planting area to help retain moisture (very important for honeysuckles which must not be allowed to go dry at the roots or they'll get mildew) and then dig a trench the same size as the window box and plant the whole contents.
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