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Water butt pump

My water butt is outside my greenhouse. I am now unable to cope with the effort of walking out and round and then holding a watering can up to water the trays on my g/h bench. I would like to find a pump that would sit in the butt (electricity is available in  the greenhouse), and would give me enough pressure to have a spray gun on the other end of a hose. 

I have had a look back through the posts but there is nothing current. 

Anyone any experience of something like this? I did find this one on Ama*on - Hozelock 7612 but don't know if that is it or if there are other/better ones around. It does not get particularly good reviews on Ama*on. 
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    Try this one. Its a dirty/clean water pump so can cope with particles in the water and it does 8000 liters an hour compared to the 2500 of the one you quoted in your post.

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  • I fitted a Bosch water pump and have been really pleased with it, they often have it on offer at Amazon, just make sure it comes with the battery and charger
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