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Iron sulphate for moss as plant food

Hi all, decided to try some water soluble iron sulphate on lawn this year. I've so much left. Can it be used on my acidic plants or will it do more harm?

For the lawn I used 200-240grams into 8L. I have a 25 kg bag of the stuff so thought could use on hydrangeas, magnolia, camelia and acers etc. Should I dilute it further just to be safe?

Thanks all


  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,286
    I'd be interested in the replies.  I've got a bagful too.
  • I sprinkle it (in powder form) around the base of my acers and camellias. The latter look great this spring. Nothing scientific, just a small handful when I remember. I add it to my blueberries in containers too.
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