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Brown leaves on Griselinia

I've got a Griselinia in my garden which has been in place for a long time.  It was planted by the previous owner at least 10 years ago, likely much more than that.  It was in a very overgrown area, surrounded by other trees/bushes with brambles growing right through it.  Over the winter, I cleared the whole area and mulched it.

I noticed this morning that in one section some of the leaves have gone brown.  The rest of it is looking green and on the side where it's no longer surrounded, there's plenty of new shoots growing.

I've never needed to water it but the area was pretty much like a woodland before so the ground would have been somewhat protected from drying out after rain.  It's in a pretty sunny spot and we've had some nice weather of late.  Could it just be that it needs watering now it's more exposed or is something else wrong?


  • ErgatesErgates DevonPosts: 181
    Looks pretty healthy to me. Ours only get like that if a stem has broken, or I’ve left a pruning in the bush which has obviously died. I’d just cut off the offending bits with the brown leaves on. It should be sprouting new shoots all over now. Maybe give it a trim if you want it to get bushier? Not sure if this is a bad time of year to do that though, someone else will have better advice.
  • welshcakewelshcake Posts: 66
    Thanks Ergates, your answer makes a lot of sense.  I've recently been in and out of that area hiding a hedgehog house away in the corner.  I would have bashed some of those specific branches a bit getting underneath them so that may have caused it.  I'll cut them off and see how the rest of it gets on. 

    There are loads of new shoots on it and I'm hoping that it won't be too long before the back of it (which is pretty much bare because it was previously surrounded) really starts to fill out.  I'll check out the best time to give it a trim so I can eventually get it to a nice, bushy shape all the way around.  
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