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Acer Butterfly- advice please :)

I’ve been gifted an acer butterfly plant. It’s in a pot at the moment but I’d like some advice on how to get the best from it please. Is it best to grow it in a pot or will it be ok planted in my garden border with other plants like some iris and a staghorn sumac. It’s a small fairly shallow and narrow border in a sunny garden (when we get the sun in the north of England!) Would this type of acer grow tall? Does it spread? Do I need a certain type of soil or feed for it? A lot of questions I know, I’m just learning about gardening so all advice is gratefully received. :)  


  • Mine was a 12" little tree when I bought it two years ago and it suffered in hit sun so I moved it to a partially shaded are where it seems much happier.  It appears to grow only a couple or three inches per year so far. I tend to just prune off dead or crossing stems and it seems to be developing a decent shape of its own accord. 
    Nice little tree.
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