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Yellow spots on leaves of tomato seedlings

Hi, I am a new gardener and I wondered if anyone could advise me on a problem with my tomato seedlings? They are about 4 weeks old and looked really healthy until about a week ago when I noticed pale spots on the first set of true leaves. Some of these leaves have now started to shrivel up and I noticed this morning that the spots have just started to appear on the second set of true leaves as well. I’m posting some photos so you can see what it looks like - thank you!


  • WillowBarkWillowBark Posts: 236
    Hmm, hard to tell on the screen as my resolution isn't good, but given the position next to a bright window they could just be a bit sunburnt. I'll comment in the hopes that it will bump your post back up to the top and someone more experienced can make an assessment to help you out!

    Given the slightly "splashy" look of the spots, I'm also wondering if you've got water on the leaves when you've been watering the seedlings? Tomato plants hate getting water on their leaves, so that could be an issue if so; they need watering at the base of the plant.

    Also try googling "RHS tomato leaf problems", as they have a page of info on tomato issues that might tell you if its some sort of nutrient deficiency or virus.

    Hope this helps.
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,126
    This year, so far, has not been kind to the tomato grower. We all have sickly looking plants that should have been hardened off by now but the weather has not been good enough. Check your plants to make sure there are no very tiny insects in a web on the backs of the leaves and if the leaves get the all clear, then the problem is probably what "WillowBark" suggested.
  • Thanks very much, WillowBark and Ceres! I will check the plants for insects and also try googling the RHS info. Good to know it isn’t just me having problems with tomatoes  this year!
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