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Covering base of plants


A complete novice seeking some advice please. Last year, we planted many perennials in the barren lawn we had, with the aim of having parts of the lawn dotted with pollinator friendly plants. 

As the pic shows, the planting circle/hole is kept free from grass/‘weeds’ but the planting areas stand out as opposed to blending in with the surrounding area due to the mulched surfaces.

Is it possible to allow these areas to be colonised by grass/‘weeds’ so that the perennials appear to be growing out of the grass (the colonising grass/‘weeds’ would be kept relatively short and under control)? Or would they eventually starve the perennials of nutrients if allowed to grow/cover the majority of the planting area?

If the latter, I may just remove the turf in these areas to create a large bed instead.

Many thanks.


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