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Climbing Rosa Bonica- rose rosette?

kathleentonerkathleentoner Posts: 3
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Hello I’m a very novice gardener and have recently planted a climbing rose. The leaves near the end are still very immature but they are quite red in colour. I have searched regarding roses and am getting lots of info on red meaning diseased. I’m not sure there’s anything wrong at all and wondered if anyone could offer any advice. Many thanks. 


  • OmoriOmori The NorthPosts: 964
    The red leaves are the colour of the new growth, which will later turn green. Nothing to worry about. 
  • Omori thanks for your reply- I’m so new at this not sure what looks right and what doesn’t. Put my mind at rest. 
  • There is a disease in the US which causes odd reddish growths on roses. But it isn’t here yet, and what you see is just the normal colouring of the young leaves. IMO it’s one of the attractions of roses.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 67,454
    Rosa ‘Bonica’

    I agree ... what you have is nothing to worry about ... and congratulations  on choosing a lovely rose ... I’ve grown it in several gardens, although not the climbing form. 

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  • Thanks for the responses. I’m looking forward to seeing them progress. 
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