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Raised beds

Last year I had six raised beds made, with advice from one or two people on here. They are on castors, they are two feet high and measure 20 x 42 inches. I filled them with rotted manure and top soil and bulbs. Wondering what to plant now. I’ve put a rhubarb crown in and some other bits including an peony. I’ve got beetroot and spinach seeds germinating. Also got blueberry in a pot and hoping to buy a plum tree for a container next week.
Any ideas welcomed. Thank you!😀


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,427
    Are you intending to move them then, drainage holes? Get the book Grow All You can eat in three square feet, it hasn't got a particular author.You don't have to just grow veg,will give you ideas for your space
  • Thank you so much! I’m an ex English teacher so love the idea of the book! 😀
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