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Do anyone know what this is?

My garden is suddenly full of it! Thanks in advance!


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    Yes, that's the white flowered Hedge Bindweed 

    Info and advice here

    We moved into a place where it reached up to the upstairs windowsills ... we got rid of it with three applications of glyphosate ... follow the instructions ... you must leave it to work and not pull it up until the leaves have died off as that shows the roots are dead too. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    Sorry to see that in your garden @jeremyjamesbaker it's a devil to keep down and impossible to get rid of, as usually it is not just in your garden but next door as well. Try to trace the growth back, as any bit left will grow. Alot of people don't like to use weedkiller but in this case its about all you can do if it is everywhere. When in growth, like now, paint /spray new growth leaves, being careful not to catch other plants . Or if it is near a fence out of the way get a bottle, pour in some weed killer, put a stem into it and cover the open end, this way the plant will draw up the weedkiller while not affecting other plants. Hope this helps.
  • Ah thanks everyone. I wondered if it was bindweed but the stem was reddish so I wasn't sure. I don't think I'll bother with weed killer I think I'll just keep teasing the roots out.
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    It can be got rid of if you are really assiduous in removing every trace of it, every time it appears. We found more of it here in one place than I have ever seen before. So far this season there does not appear to be any coming up. As said though, if it is in your neighbours it will keep creeping into your garden. We were luck our neighbours did the same sort of removal as we did. Neither of us used weed killer on it.
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    I found the best way was to let it grow a bit, disentangle the stems and place them in a plastic carrier bag (while still attached to the roots). Then it was easy to spray them with glyphosate while inside the bag. When the spray has dried it's safe to then lay them out on the ground to gradually die. This will kill them down to the roots.
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    That a good one @Loxley Unfortunately I have a non gardener on one side and a natural gardener on the other, both don't cut back weeds( or anything else 🙄) so I get lots of infiltration under the fences. 🙄
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