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Lining for planters/boxes

Hi there,

I have built some wooden planters for my partner, I now need to know what is the best material to use to line the wooden boxes, do I need to put some holes in the bottom to allow for drainage of water, put sand or stone/pebbles at the bottom before putting in the soil? 
If it makes any difference 3 boxes will be used for growing herbs and alike. The 4th one is a raised one which will be in a shady area/lower light and sahdy/low light plants will be planted in that one.
Thanks in advance guys.


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,064
    Heavy duty plastic to line the sides.  Either empty compost bags if available as they are black, or black rubbish bags but make sure they are thick ones.  You will need drainage holes in the bottom.
    If the planters are going to be on the ground make sure they are on some kind of feet to keep the base dry.  They will rot through in no time otherwise.
  • wijccwijcc Posts: 3
    Thank you. How many drainage holes do I need to put in roughly?
  • wijccwijcc Posts: 3
    Forgot to ask how big should the holes be, 5mm in diameter, bigger or smaller?
    Apologies for all the newbie questions
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