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Topsoil Recommendations

This is my first time in a forum so apologies for any lack of etiquette in advance.

Last year I got totally stung by a top soil company, the website looked wonderful and it all sounded great.  Skip to the end I spent all summer picking glass out of the soil 🤨.

I have worked really hard taking out all the old turf and plan to rotovate then add top soil and seed.  I would be very grateful for recommendations of professional top spoil companies and any/or advice on certificatons I should like for.

Many thanks,


  • I've not used it myself but I have heard good things about topsoil from sugar beet fields in East Anglia. This is the link to the British Sugar Topsoil website.

    I noticed one of the 'accredited by' logos at the bottom of the page is the Society of Garden Designers. I would feel fairly confident that if they associate with this supplier they are reputable.

    As for the glass (and other debris) that is so common with many 'topsoils' you will often find the supplier is actually selling recovered soil, derived from works on brownfield sites, etc. It is a veritable minefield identifying a reputable company and even with some industry standards (BS certification) you can still find these contaminants in many an offering.
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Ive used but not for top soil though but I have been very pleased with what I have bought.
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