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Best plants for a north-west facing front garden curved bed, please? It currently has a mahonia at the back of the deepest part and a cherry tree at the front pavement end, a small skimmia rubella  and a variegated pittosporum. What will bring all this together in a contemporary way? 


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    Could we have a picture please? Always easier to advise after.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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    Oh sorry, my first post, I didn't think about a photo. Here it is. It's bin day so bin not usually there. Our neighbour has just removed hedging and put up the fence so we're made a new bed and are looking for something a bit more natural and informal but with year round interest if poss.
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    PS Fence section is due west facing and in front of house is due north facing
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    Some ornamental grasses would be nice if you like a modern look? 
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    Good idea, thank you Ffoxglove. 
  • I’d go for Tellima ‘Forest Frost’ under the cherry, Ageratina ‘Hot Chocolate’ and Aster-as-was ‘Lady in Black’ around the base of the Mahonia, with Anemanthele lessoniana to the front of the bed, then a different style of fern in a shuttlecock shape over to the right of the picture. Perhaps a Sedum/Hylotelephium variety on the long arm of the curve if light levels allow? ‘José Aubergine’ is a nice one.
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    Hello Cambridgerose 12, thank you so much for your thoughtful and original suggestions. I don't know some of these so I'm off to have a look!
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