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Conundrum with pergola!



  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    nick615 said:
    I rather suspect you're hoping for the (near) impossible.  The tree is a beautiful example and further mutilation could well be seen as unreasonable by its owner, even though you're legally entitled to lop off anything your side of the boundary.  Either as a roost, or to feed on the berries, birds will congregate there with the inevitable result on your pergola, whatever you construct.  You'll then be faced with a cleaning problem for which you'll need access, and leaving enough space round the pergola to achieve that will be difficult.  Another contributor could have an answer but my advice would be to look for a temporary structure that can be simply erected when you want to sit out, but stowed away afterwards.
    You are 100% right - that photo is about 5 years old and I agree it looks nice there, however there have been times where I cant sit out on my decking at all because they have let the tree grow so far into my garden that I get covered in tree bits! At the moment they have had it loped back I actually love trees and nature but our gardens are very small, so it does encroach of what little sun I get ;) 
  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    It’s a garden, birds will poo, leaves will fall. It’s all part of being outside and all it requires is an occasional going over with a broom or if you must, some sort of leaf blower or power wash. 

     If you put a Perspex roof over it what are you going to do when it gets leaves, bird poo and green algae on it?  Climb up a ladder with a bucket and scrubbing brush? 

    The whole point of a garden is that you have a space outside where there is nature and wildlife. 

    Presumably you’re going to have climbers over your pergola ... most people do ...  roses, clematis, a grape vine? They’ll drop leaves and birds will perch on your pergola too. 

    If you don’t like that you could build a summerhouse and sit indoors in your garden. 

    I know, when the tree has been triple that size it ends up a third in my garden - I love trees and nature, however we have small gardens and would have liked to utilise the decking more as its the only sunny spot.
  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    Posy said:
    Yes, birds will gather and poo on your pergola, rain will rain, dust will settle and algae will grow, moss and lichen. You cannot force indoor conditions on the outdoor, even with a roof. I would suggest that you learn to love natural processes - that is a beautiful tree - or do as suggested above and use a moveable set-up. If you abandon the lights and 'things' you may well be able to enjoy the garden and the evenings much more, too. 
    Hello, it is a nice tree however these are tiny gardens and I’ve had times before when 75% of my decking is covered with branches, it the only place I get sun - I dont object to trees or nature at all, love them, however was just wondering if anyone had anything to contribute that I hadnt thought of. If I had a big garden I’d enjoy trees snd things, but prefer my garden treeless :) 
  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    Pete.8 said:
    I've had a pergola for 30+ years.
    Pigeons have their favourite spots for roosting, so there are small heaps of cr** underneath.
    As others have said, leaves and berries fall, weeds pop up etc etc - it's just what happens outside :) but it is a lovely cool place to sit in the summer.

    As mentioned above, an arbour may be an alternative to consider.
    I have a little wildlife pond by mine and I love to sit thee and watch the goings on.
    The arbour isn't really high - just next door's garden (and fence) is about 3ft lower than mine

    That is nice, thankyou for sharing :)
  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    Hostafan1 said:
    please remember: one man's lights on pergola is another man's light pollution.Hostafan1 said:
    please remember: one man's lights on pergola is another man's light pollution.
    I see your point, however the lights can be switched off unlike having a large tree over my decking when its allowed to grow far bigger than the photo ;) 
  • lynscolynsco Posts: 15
    Hubby is just building this could only put half told the file was too big,it will have decking but every where round here is out of stock.there is a grapevine on the left,a amythist fall wisteria, and I am waiting for a repeat scented rose,I have ordered for the other side.we also have an arbour seat,I have bird feeders on arches, they prefer the conservatory roof to poo on.intend to have proper out door lighting,it won't be on. Long.polution, neighbours have put light which comes on shining in our kitchen window into the hall  and wakes us up,we only have the bedroom door open a chunk, elderly dog needs to use doggy flap at night, it's a bungalow
    Thankyou for sharing it looks like its beautiful :) 
  • SueAtooSueAtoo Posts: 292
    As it's not too expensive it might be worth trying something like this to see how you get on with a roofed structure. One of the reviews says the canvas is washable though there is also a spare one to buy. I was actually looking for a picture of a four sided pointed, tiled roof (but I can't think what it's called) on an open sided gazebo.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Can I ask how long you have lived in the house?
  • poppyfield64poppyfield64 Posts: 332
    edited April 2021
    Our decking is right under a huge old oak tree so we have everything dropping on it including rotten branches but luckily haven't been hit by any.  Last summer we couldn't use it at all because it was a mast year and the acorns fell all summer and autumn....literally thousands of them but it's the best place for the sun which it gets all afternoon until last thing in the evening and normally I would sit there every day and read.  It needs constant sweeping up but it's worth it just to have that little area to myself and the wildlife.

    I guess it depends on whether you want something low maintenance or are prepared to clear up frequently to have the spot you want.  Personally I think the tree is lovely and would make a great back drop to a pergola and also will give some shelter from winds etc.

  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    More than 5 years at least Fire.
    You say the decking is the only sunny place in the garden but you want to put a roof over it and block the sun with a covered structure. My neighbours have one with a perspex roof and they have had to put a sail inside as it gets too hot.
    As already suggested a sail that can be taken down to empty the bits it collects.
    Has the deck always been there or is it a new addition?
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