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After a new garden design....

Hi there im after a new garden design with decking and slabs after Leather jackets have completely killed of my new garden..


  • Asking on gardening forums is a great way to get good advice but you'll need to provide a bit more information than that. 
    Soil type?
    Do you have young kids or pets?
    Do you want a seating or entertainment area or structures?
    Will you actually do any gardening in it or do you want something low maintenance?
    Is there any kind of garden you like or you've seen?
  • side of house courtyard. Planting in pots with flags and gravel. sitting area. Have a pergola. need something light to grow over.
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    Anne, the more detail you can provide the more helpful the replies will be. Your post reads a bit like a telegram from the 1960s!

    What does “side of house courtyard” mean? Are you saying you have a courtyard at the side of the house, or that you want a courtyard, or that this is a photo of the side (back?) of the house? 

    “Planting in pots with flags and gravel”. For the whole back garden? Will the new garden have no flower beds and no lawn?

    Systematically responding to Chris P Bacon’s helpful prompts should take you further forward. 

    PS I’m just a bit confused. Are Anne and Julie the same person?
    Rutland, England
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    So you have an idea for decking and slabs which as suggested above a courtyard style or maybe contemporary style
    Next measure out your plot and get in down on paper,make a note of where the sun is and for how long. Plenty of help online for this.
    Then sit down with a coffee or glass of wine and look at all the courtyard or contemporary style gardens you can find not forgetting to search on here.
    Over 15 pages of design ideas here

    Try to keep the flagged areas fairly simple as complex shapes usually means cutting and wastage.
     Marshalls or one of the other well known suppliers have somewhere you can put your measurements in and chose you slab sizes and it will work out how much you need.

    I hope you have a big budget and are doing the work yourselves as it won't be cheap

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