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ID Red-ish Leafed Plant

I have been given a couple of pieces of this purple/red leafed plant (the clump had been cut back - now starting to grow again) but don’t know what it’s called. I’m hoping it likes a shady area (my flowerbed is in shade until later in the summer.)
Any ideas folks? 🤔


  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 814
    Looks like Persicaria 'Red Dragon'. Watch out for the frosts this week, they will damage that fresh new growth.
  • Thanks Rachel. Thankfully we don’t get much frost here on the IoW and it’s in a sheltered spot.😎

    However, I will cover it to be on the safe side as it’s forecast to be 1deg in some parts of the island tonight🥶
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