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Weeping cherry tree

I planted this tree in June 2020. That's why it is staked. Towards the end of last year, I noticed that it had leaf mining moths.
It has recently got lots of new leaves and some pink flowers are starting to grow noticed the other day these black lines near the base of the tree on the trunk. They don't feel wet or sticky.
Does anyone know what they are and if I need to do anything about it. TIA


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,079
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  • WillowBarkWillowBark Posts: 236
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    I agree with @Dovefromabove, that looks like black bootlaces to me. Killed a grand old tree in my parents' garden (not a cherry, but honey fungus is fairly indiscriminate, from what I've been told). Your tree might be looking okay this year, but next year I expect it will struggle at best, and I personally wouldn't expect it to last another year beyond that. I'm really sorry, but I think your tree might be on its way out! If it's in a container, maybe consult with someone experienced in the field to see if you can contain/cordon off that area of soil somehow to stop it spreading to other trees or shrubs in other areas of the garden. Not sure how easy that would be, having never tried it myself, but it might be worth a try.
  • Thanks for your replies. I'm really sad. I was really happy when I saw all the new leaves and flowers coming. I knew I had planted it right. This is my first tree. 
  • WillowBarkWillowBark Posts: 236
    @Kayteduggan Sorry that it wasn't more positive news :( It is always very upsetting when you find you're probably going to lose a tree, especially if it's the first one you've planted; hope you can plant another one soon.
  • Thank you 🙂 
  • I’d second the advice above—you need to remove the tree as a matter of urgency, and safely dispose of the remains, in order to prevent the fungus from spreading to other plants in your garden, which it can do with alarming speed. There’s no longer a treatment available for honey fungus.
  • Thank you
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