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Yarrow seedlings

I have grown some nice looking yarrow seedlings ( second attempt) and wondered if I could plant them out just after this latest cold snap or should I be patient and wait a few weeks? I have a very sunny spot just waiting for them. Many thanks


  • I would think a sunny spot after this cold spell would be OK. I've found achillea/ yarrow pretty hardy and once it gets established very easy to divide and get many more plants. Good luck!
  • Oh excellent thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  • WildFlower_UKWildFlower_UK Cambridgeshire, UKPosts: 215
    I have lots of established and new/young yarrow in the garden and the cold doesnt seem to affect them. But I would perhaps harden your young seedlings over a week or so? Mine have never experienced the cosy warmth of indoors so your ones may benefit from being introduced to the outside world before being planted out (unless you grew yours outside already!).
  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 13,025
    It depends on how large they are. If they are really seedlings, then no, wait until they are plants which fill a 1l. pot.
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