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Help need cuttings for cherry tree

Newbiegardener01Newbiegardener01 Posts: 2
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My dearest late father had a beautiful cherry tree which I would love to take cuttings from. I am new to this please can you advise from start to finish preferably step-by-step. We are based in the UK if that helps?


  • Thank you Steephill, I will give this a go. Hopefully I can source the mixtures and solutions from a garden centre. I really appreciate you replying to my post
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,658
    edited April 2021
    Be aware that most bought cherry trees will be on a colt rootstock. That keeps it fairly small.  Without a dwarfing rootstock, a cherry tree can rapidly grow to 30ft.
    If you can find out the variety it will be a lot easier to buy a ready grafted plant.
    Colt rootstocks available here in season if you don't know the type.

    You then graft bud wood onto that.

  • pinutpinut Posts: 113
    You may not even need to buy new rootstock.

    Just look for sucker branches coming out of the base of the cherry tree (ie the rootstock) then graft onto that a branch from the top portion of the tree (ie the scion).

    Allow them to fuse together. Then air-layer the sucker branch - sever from the main tree when there are sufficient roots.

    If you start now, the new tree could be produced by October.

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