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Single-Headed Hollyhocks

Hello, please can someone tell me why I can't seem to find anyone selling single-headed Hollyhocks? I have searched endlessly to no avail.

I planted seeds - Alcea 'Halo Apricot and Alcea Halo Pink late last Summer and they did just fine. I followed advice and left the seedlings in the garden over the Winter. A few survived but looked pretty weak. I recently planted them in the border but they look as if they are languishing. I know if I plant new seeds now they won't flower well this Summer; pretty gutted.

There are people on FB Market Place selling single-headed Hhs (at a very reasonable price) but all are miles from where I live. I live in Leicester

Lots of double headed Hhs available but I really am not fond of those. Also, plants are so expensive. 


  • gjautosgjautos Posts: 399
    Mr fothergills, Sutton, t&m all list single flowered hollyhock seeds as being in stocks. Jparkers and you garden have hollyhock plants.
  • Many thanks gjautos, for your quick reply.

    Unfortunately, JParkers, like so many others, are only selling the dark, single-headed Hhs; no other colours. 
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