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Inspiration needed for front garden pots and back garden in general

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Hi everyone.

I've completely exhausted all inspiration for how to make these two gardens a bit more lively (this morning's trip to B&Q didn't particularly help at all).

1. The front border was planted up during Lockdown #1 so I'm reasonably happy with that. Just got to wait for the buddleja, lavenders, abelia and hydrangea to mature. Unless anyone wants to suggest something else, I'm happy this will eventually look a bit more interesting?

2. These pots and hanging basket in the front window - absolutely no idea what to do with it. The two matching pots had pelargoniums last year but they were really underwhelming. Can't think of anything to add height that can also cope with how narrow the rectangular pot is .. or should we scrap these pots entirely and do something else? 

3. The back is just a bit boring at the moment. In lockdown #1 I added the honeysuckle and azalea to the back bed, which also has a pieris, spirae and that big green thing. 
The pots include a dwarf cherry, patio rose, new iris, delphinium and verbena. I also have two old hanging baskets that I'm thinking might be good for the fence, which ask you can see is mostly shady. I think I'd like to get some fuschias into the garden so this might be the way to do it?

Please excuse the messy lawn and patio - these will be sorted soon hopefully! Any ideas would be great :) 


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    These are the pots I have planted up in the last couple of weeks, with spring flowers. I'm hoping they will look ok until the end of May, then I will redo them with summer bedding.
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    You could do the same as I think the GC's will have various bulbs in pots that are already in bloom - expensive for the short term, but you could keep the bulbs and plant them out in the garden in the autumn.
    Then, as suggested go to the GC again in May/June and buy whatever bedding plants you fancy the look of to give you colour over the summer for the front garden.

    In the back garden, on the sunny side, I'd put up more trellis and grow some climbers to give you more interest, like clematis or a short climbing rose perhaps.

    On the shady side, assuming you don't get much sun that side at all, it's crying out for some lovely coloured acers in big pots. You can get various colours and different shaped leaves. Ferns in smaller pots would also look good.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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    Yes that's a good idea. Best of both worlds - spring bulbs then summer bedding. 

    Yes I'd love a clematis on there, but I'm worried about the space. Along the fence there's no more bedding (but maybe we dig up the lawn to get one. And so on the wall bit it would need to be more pots. Would that be ok for a clematis?

    How big would the pots need to be for an acer? We'd still need to have space down the path.
    Ferns is a good idea though. Even just adding greenery there would be an improvement.
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