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Yew Tree Resilience? (Pics Enclosed)

visitervisiter Posts: 4

Hi all,

I have a yew tree at the back of my garden which has grown to about four feet wide and I wanted to ask someone how resilient they were to big scale cut backs?

I don’t want to kill it, however I was hoping to recover a bit of ground behind my shed for storage so if it was feasible I would like to be fairly “brutal” as a one off and then trim from there.

Any feedback gratefully received.


  • It copes OK with a hard cut-back. I'd be inclined to be a bit kind to the rest of it--not too much clipping on the sides and top, and a dose of fertiliser. They sometimes have to do this in old gardens. 
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    Yew is incredibly resilient to being cut hard back. I know of ancient yews some 20+ feet in height in a churchyard that have been virtually stooled and now, 25 years on are bigger than they were before. 
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  • visitervisiter Posts: 4
    Great - thanks for the replies. Really appreciate it so on with the cutting!
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