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TattonTatton Posts: 11
Can you plant a laurel hedge between or in front of a Hawthorne hedge for privacy ?


  • gjautosgjautos Posts: 395
    Hi @webb.eric3. I suppose you could, but ultimately the hawthorn might not appreciate having an evergreen in front of it. Hawthorn is much more attractive as a hedge than laurel, and I had a hawthorn hedge in my last house, it gave plenty of privacy. What are you trying to block out?
  • TattonTatton Posts: 11
    in winter it is very open and view from adjacent neighbours kitchen window  
  • If the hawthorn is very open it probably needs more regular pruning. That will help encourage it to grow in a bushier manner.
  • gjautosgjautos Posts: 395
    I agree with Jonathan. Instead of planting another hedge in front, or as your other post suggests, a trellis and climber. You would be better off working the existing hawthorn hedge. Proper pruning will help thicken the hedge.
  • TattonTatton Posts: 11
    Thank you for your comments 👍
  • I have a laurel hedge running alongside a hawthorn hedgerow for the same reason as you because in the winter it is partially see through.

     The laurel will grow fine but do get very big so it depends on whether you still want to view the hawthorn in the summer or not but obviously the laurel can be kept at any height you desire. Also do you need access to hawthorn to keep it certain height? 

    Long story short, yes you can grow laurel hedge in front of hawthorn hedge.
  • TattonTatton Posts: 11
    Yes laurel maybe too thick! How do I prune the Hawthorne to thicken it up? Does it need layering? Or is there anything that will grow up through the hedge maybe privet?
  • To thicken it up just regular pruning so basically it is kept the same height and width all year, then it will thicken up in the middle. If it is only cut once a year it will be quite gappy.

    Another option that would work would be to grow ivy in the hedge, I personally would stay away from ivy but some people like it and it would do what you are looking for. Maybe have a look at some evergreen climbers? 
  • TattonTatton Posts: 11
    Okay thanks for the advice I will give it a go.
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