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How do I get more like this?

Hi all,
this is a test a test daffodil, as you can see it’s different to all the others, it’s not a double in the true sense of the word but it does have 12 instead of the normal 6 outer petals. I would love to grow more like this, how do I go about getting more plants. Thank you for your help.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,516
    Hi and welcome.
    If that is a tete-a-tete (?) daffodil then it is a freak anomaly and you will only get more of the same by waiting for that bulb to multiply, unless you have access to a laboratory that clones plants.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,461
    Does the stem behind the flower look like all the others, or is it thickened?
    It is possible it might be a result of fasciation, caused by some damage inflicted during bud formation. I got a lot of fasciated flowers on a rose last year, caused by the sharp frost in late May, after an unusually warm spring. If the stem looks normal, then it  just might be genetic mutation and to get more you would need to separate that bulb from all the others and grow it on to allow it to gradually bulk up, something that will take years without the resources  available to professional growers. Next year will be crucial as you will see whether the flower replicates this year or not. If it does, then I think you are on to a potential winner, as it is lovely and you would get to name it and market it  yourself - always providing no-one else has found one like it and done that already!
    Maybe check with the National Daffodil Society,
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