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Anybody suggest a good supplier of outside/Garden lights? Silver Bollard Lights to be specific.

Hi Everybody

The electrician is booked in for 3 weeks time! We are having bollard lights professionally installed all around the perimeter of our garden.  As yet we have not chosen the exact light but the electrician gave us a brochure and told us to pick some lights from that brochure or to feel free to buy elsewhere.  He told us "The ones in this brochure are expensive for a reason.  Because they will last a long time.  The cheap and nasty ones will look terrible after a year and you'll end up replacing them".  So, she who must be obeyed looked through the lighting brochure but couldn't really decide on a particular light.  We sort of half-heartedly chose a style and I set off to check on the company he suggested.  The company is Collingwood lighting and after looking at their limited reviews on Trustpilot I have since decided against using them.  Therefore, I am hoping you guys can suggest (from your experience) where we can purchase good quality/long lasting/decent outdoor Garden lighting.  I know there are millions of companies selling online but I can clearly see that a lot of them are simply resellers, selling lights mass produced overseas.  Any ideas people? From your own experience, please?
Thank you


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