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We have a couple of large tree roots running across our lawn just above the surface, they are from a neighbours mature ash. What is the best method of removal ensuring that the tree itself is not harmed?


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    You are unlikely to harm your neighbour's ash tree by removing a few surface roots. As one who has done battle with old ash stumps I can tell you that there is more to them than that.

    Your real problem is going to be removing the roots wthout destroying your lawn, and that I think is what you will have to do. A large axe, a saw, a spade and an awful lot of beer will be required. to do the job. Once you meet your enemy, you will find it remarkably brittle and easy  to demolish.

  • Ive got 2 mature ash trees in my front garden near a brick wall. My son has managed to cut them down lowish but he says we would never get all the roots out. I dont have any special tools if the next step needs specialised treatment. Ive read some people grind the stumps or put stump and root weed killer on them or creasote. I'm scared that these tree roots will lift up all the concrete path and brick wall and maybe the road and the neighbours property. Whats the best way to tackle it? I wont be doing it as I'm 69 and have health problems but my son will do it if theres a 'home remedy'image





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     I put the same one on twice, this is the other one  image

  • Someone said an axe? I've become quite attached to my mattock. It has been put to use on goat willow roots. You can get a good 'swing' with that tool and re-sharpening it is as 'precision' as an axe. As a tool it is also very good at digging impromtu trenches, hacking through small roots and a host of other jobs. With an axe you get one blade - with a mattock you get two.

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