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Rose feeding

Hilary_15Hilary_15 Posts: 82
Can anybody tell me - Do I feed roses grown in containers the same as roses grown in the ground? Do they need a granular feed in April or just a liquid feed during the summer?


  • JohnnypJohnnyp Posts: 71
    I manage to get some horse manure and dig some of it into the pot with a garden hand fork  or try removing some of the compost and replace it with the horse dung and top up the rest with fresh compost .
    I have about 15 roses in pots and just done this a few days ago I also flung in a bit of bonemeal purchased from "bargains ". Through the growing season I shall feed with a seaweed feed also .A few  of my roses I have taken from cuttings and are doing quite well in pots 👍
  • I’ve usually just given mine rose food every few weeks all through the growing season, with some seaweed mix when I had any handy and then a bit of bonemeal in the autumn.
  • I have just weeded and removed the top 3/4 ins of soil from my roses growing in pots. I put farm yard manure  around each one and topped off with general potting compost. I will give them liquid tomato feed during the growing season.
  • JohnnypJohnnyp Posts: 71
    Cannot beat the well rotted manure for roses if you can get some .

  • Hilary_15Hilary_15 Posts: 82
    Thanks for the replies folks - that's great!
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