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Replacing overgrown bamboo

I have some very invasive bamboo and brambles which I want to clear.  The problem is it's also home to lots of small birds and small mammals. What can I plant to house/feed the wildlife instead.  Heavy clay soil, east facing garden next to a stream. Area is around 4m x 4m


  • garyd52garyd52 Posts: 51
    Small native trees such as Hawthorn and Blackthorn Rowan etc underplanted with native shade and semi shade lovers in the rear half and as you approach the rubble path and get more light there are a wealth of native plants that will thrive there .
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,399
    Hazel can be quite pretty, the ornamental forms with twisty stems or purple leaves are just as good for wildlife. You can coppice Hazel on a three year rotation to stop it getting too massive and to provide light for underplanting e.g. primroses etc. As it's a small area you could have three and coppice one each year, so there is a variation in height. The coppiced stems are useful as bean poles, or you can stack them up and allow to decompose. I wouldn't go for Blackthorn as it can spread quite rapidly.
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