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Storing topsoil

Evening folks,

As part of a garden rebuild, we're about to end up with around two tonnes of topsoil 'spare' after scraping the lawn to reduce it by almost a foot. Next spring (but not before), we'll have a need for a mass of topsoil to raise the level of another part of the garden. Rather than pay to dispose of and pay to bring in topsoil, I'd prefer just to keep what we have for ten to twelve months.

We have a large area of hidden and unused tarmac which we can pile the topsoil onto. Is it best to: a) pile the topsoil onto the tarmac directly or b) place wooden boards or a tarpaulin down? In either case, would you cover it with a tarpaulin or leave it exposed? To avoid nutrient depletion, I'm going to add some rotted manure into the pile.




  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,684
    No point adding the manure, until you put the soil back. To store, just cover it.
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    Thanks @punkdoc. We live in the same city (in fact I'm very close to the same border!) - if you see a mountain of spoil outside a house, it could well be mine. Or you could be at Wentworth Woodhouse. 😂
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